Aside from the obvious cosmetic drawbacks, being obese (seventy percent above your ideal weight) has other negative effects:

  • It can lead to high blood pressure and cholesterol level.
  • The obese have higher rates of heart disease and stroke.
  • Obesity plays a role in some cases of diabetes.
  • Overweight women have higher rates of breast cancer.
  • A US study in the past showed that overweight girls are less likely to marry. They also undergo less schooling; have lower incomes and higher rates of poverty.

Being obese can also damage your bones and cause early age wrinkles. Even if you are obese, you should consume hydrolyzed collagen on daily basis to keep your bone health in a good condition.


This is hotly debated. Tablets such as fenfluramine reduce appetite and promote weight loss, which is why leading nutritionists are taking a renewed interest. Usually they are taken as a course over several weeks.

On the other hand, diet pills occasionally prove addictive. Side effects such as irritability and insomnia are relatively common. Plus weight is easily put back after finishing a course.

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Scientists at the Rockefeller Institute in California have made a fascinating discovery. Some mice who suffer from a specific genetic mutation eat vast amounts and rapidly become obese. But correct their so-called “ob-gyne” defect by genetic engineering and they rapidly slim down. They eat much less and become more active. Might a similar obesity gene exist in humans? Intense research activity might soon yield the answer.If all else fails why not surgery?

  • A metal tube is inserted into the fat beneath your skin. A vacuum contraption is attached, and you are transformed into an instant Kate Moss.
  • JAW WIRING. If you cannot eat, you should lose weight. Water and essential nutrients are sucked through a straw. A wire cutter needs to be carried at all times; otherwise a bout of vomiting could prove fatal.
  • STOMACH BALLOONS. A balloon is anchored in the stomach and then inflated. However hungry you feel, there is no way you can squeeze in a meal.


Start with two-lb, weights, and add a pound every two weeks or so as your strength increases (most women stop with five- to eight-lb. weights). While training, follow the “Double E” rule: Exhale during the Exertion phase. Also, keep elbows and knees loose and hold in your stomach muscles tightly for extra back support.


  1. Squat. With two-lb. hold normal weights in each hand, stand with feet shoulder width apart, toes pointing forward or at a slight angle. Bending at knees and hips, squat down so you mimic sitting on a chair. Try to Keep your back position flat and chest out (do not bend forward). Go down to a comfortable level, so thighs are parallel or nearly parallel to floors, raise up. Repeat 15 to 18 times.
  2. Kick out for legs. Strap one-lb weights to your ankles and stand behind a chair. Without bending your right knee, lift your right leg out to the side as high as you can; lower. Do 15 repetitions; rest; or two more sets. Then do four sets on the opposite side.
  3. Lifting the world. Sit on a chair. With arms out at sides, grasp a one-lb. weight in each hand at shoulder level. After that Slowly raise arms, elbows facing out as if lifting the world; lower your arms. Do ten repetitions; rest. Repeat two times.
  4. Taking a dip. Sit on the edge of a stable, low chair with feet on a chair facing you (or on the floor, for beginners). Using your arms to support your body, slowly lift your rear off the chair and carefully lower it toward the floor, until elbows are at a 90-degree angle. Raise yourself back up. Do ten repetitions; rest. Repeat two sets.
  5. Kick back for arms. Standing, bend forward at your waist. With a one-lb. weight in each hand, bend elbows and bring hands into chest. Bring one arm straight back until; elbow is parallel with the torso. Return to start. Do eight times; repeat with another arm; rest. Repeat the set.


It all comes down to your personal choice, you can lose fat by surgery and exercise. Apart from that you should also focus on your diet. Add collagen peptides, chicken breast, beans, and broccoli to your diet to fix your gut health that has a huge impact on your weight loss.

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