Customized Mindfulness Training with 5 Effortless Practices

Physical activities make our body fit and enhance our stamina. Many people go for a walk, jog, or do meditation in the morning. Our mind is also busy managing, analyzing, and thinking about different things. Recently another form came into existence known as mindfulness. It clears out negative thoughts, sharpens our mental ability, and memory. […]

Take Advantage Of Secondary Private Equity Liquidity.

If you are into investing, then you must have heard about private equity funds. There are two types of markets; public markets and private markets. If a company wants to be listed on the public markets and raise funds, then it has to fulfil all the requirements and reveal a lot of detail about it. […]

Why do you need an essential oil

Essential oils, as they are termed, are really essential for our body and mind. They are trace oils that are special and have always been special throughout history. Their origins are almost as old as the civilization is and are therefore highly regarded across places and cultures.  These oils have been derived and consumed by […]

Does Hand Sanitiser Dispenser placement help workforce hygiene?

Article Summary: Sanitiser dispensers are recognised to improve sanitation. Analysts have proven many times how effective they are at keeping a location germ-free. Used properly, they kill 99.9% of all germs that can cross-contaminate from human to human. To a busy workplace environment, this is useful to preserve work momentum. Current laws do not force […]

Home Remedies To Get Glowing Skin: Use Jiva Ayurveda Offers For Discount

Do you also want your skin to glow? But going to a parlour is a task for you? Then don’t worry here we have mentioned some of the Ayurvedic Ways through which you can get the glowing skin. There are many ingredients which will make your skin glowing, and you can get them from Jiva. […]