8 Things to Remember While Taking a LAP Loan

By on November 28, 2020
Lap Loans

Are you looking to expand your business? Do you want to consolidate your higher-interest debts? Are you considering sending your children overseas for quality education? 

If you want to get funds to do all these, then you don’t have to worry. 

You can go ahead and apply for the loan against property (LAP) facility. It is a secured loan that needs you to put down collateral in the form of your property. 

You are provided with the funds as per the Loan to Value ratio of your property. Home mortgage loans attract lower interest rates as there is security involved. 

Based on your property’s worth and other eligibility factors, you can get higher funds. But before you apply for the LAP loan, you ought to remember a few vital factors. Let’s know about them!

  1. The evaluation of your property 

The loan against property is provided against collateral – the immovable property. Before checking out your eligibility and the amount of loan, the lender appraises your property. The loan amount that you can get will depend on the prevailing market value of your property and the future’s estimated value. Thus, you should know how much funds your property can give and know if it fulfils your needs. 

  1. Loan repayment 

The loan repayment of mortgage loan ranges from 2 to 20 years for salaried professionals. Most of the leading lenders also let you make prepayments towards the availed amount. If you want to do that, then you should ensure checking out the charges for it. This way, you will be aware of the amount that you will pay for prepayment and avoid being surprised. 

  1. Rate of interest 

Before opting for the loan against property, you should ensure to check out the applicable rate of interest. You should not commit to any creditor until you are done with an interest comparison and is convinced that it is a good deal. 

  1. Compare all lenders 

While looking to apply for the mortgage loan, you should ensure comparing all available offers on a third-party website. This way, you can help yourself pick the best offers matching your needs and repayment capacity. 

  1. Loan amount 

Applying for the home mortgage loan may not make any sense if you are unable to get the desired funds. It is because if you don’t, then you will need to come up with other arrangements of funds. Hence, before you apply for the LAP loan, always know an amount that you will get. This way, you may know if the availed amount may cover your needs or not. 

  1. Processing and other charges 

All loans attract some amount in the form of processing charges ranging 0.50% and 4%. You may have to pay some charges upfront while a few are deducted from your principal amount. You also need to manage to pay stamp duty charges as per states where you are taking the loan, the penalty for defaults, prepayments and foreclosure. You should be aware of these all in advance so that you have an idea of what to pay and when. 

  1. No tax benefits

If you want to enjoy some tax benefits unlike some other loans or payment of interest and principal, then the LAP loan does not have any such provision. Therefore, there can’t be any tax benefits that you can avail if you are applying for LAP in the future. 

  1. Check if you meet the eligibility terms of the lender

The eligibility terms of the LAP loan may vary from lenders to lenders. Therefore, you ought to be sure of all such factors. The eligibility for the loan is mentioned on the website of a lender. The standard eligibility terms include: 

  • You should be aged between 33 and 58 years.
  • You should be a resident citizen of India.     
  • A salaried employee with an MNC, Public or a Private company. 
  • Latest Salary slips.
  • Last 3 months’ bank account statement. 
  • Address proofs. 
  • PAN Card/Aadhaar Card. 
  • Copy of the property documents that you wish to be mortgaged. 
  • Income Tax Returns (ITRs). 

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How Can You Purchasing Online Stationery In Pakistan

By on November 20, 2020
Online Stationary

If you wish to purchase online stationery shop Pakistan, you will require the right tools? This would include a high-speed Internet connection as well as a scanner or copier. The Internet is available to millions of people across the world and is the best source for shopping. You can search for a stationery store by visiting their website and looking for various stationery items you wish to buy.

Stationery stores can be found in every corner of the country, and various online stationery shop Pakistan and stationery supplies. You will need a printer scanner to produce documents that can then be delivered to your recipient. Most stationery shops offer services such as printing, scanning, and mailing. Also, when you decide to visit a stationery shop, you may need to carry other materials with you. This could include any brochures or manuals that you may need and can be sent via the Internet. It is important to remember that most stores have their online presence, but you can also purchase stationery from an online store.

What Is Important to Ensure Before Making A Purchase Online Stationery Shop in Pakistan?

When visiting an Online Stationery Shop Pakistan, it is important to ensure that you know the sale products before making a purchase. It would help if you considered not only price but also the quality and authenticity of the work. A store selling stationery and supplies should not have stock that is out of date and is likely to be damaged. When choosing an online stationery store, your best bet is to search for feedback and reviews on the company’s website. This should give you some idea of the reputation of the company in the local community. It would help if you also took the time to visit their website to see what you will need.

When searching for online stationery shop Pakistan, it is important to make sure that the shop will deliver to the address you provide them with. Some suppliers will have to addresses outside of your city or area. However, it is always best to purchase your stationery in Pakistan from a store that provides delivery nationwide. Asking around in the industry for recommendations will help you decide which stationery supplier is right for you. 

How To Find The Right Online Stationery Shop In Pakistan?

There is a wide selection of stationery shops that sell stationery and supplies in Pakistan, so finding the right one is not difficult. It would help if you considered going to a stationery store near the place where you live and looking at their products. You may be surprised at the number of different stationery items that they sell. Once you have chosen a stationery supplier, it is time to contact them to find out what they have available and their costs. You can also request samples if you wish to test a certain item before purchasing. Most stores will allow you to try things out before purchasing them.

You will also need to contact your printer or engraving service provider to order stationery and supplies to your location. If you are ordering supplies to Pakistan, you should contain at least three months’ supply at a time. The number of stores you call at any given time will depend on the number of pieces you require and the number of materials you will be printing. Once you have received your order stationery and supplies, you should print the labels and send them off to your customers. For printed materials, you may choose to add a note to indicate when they were printed and sent. This will enable the customer to remember where they were purchased.


Customers will have a wide selection of products to choose from, and many of these items are reasonably priced. When you order from a stationery shop in Pakistan, you are likely to receive good customer service and the opportunity to speak to a representative who will assist you in understanding your order and giving advice as you work through your ordering process. You will also have the option of asking questions when you are unsure about your order. In addition to this, most stationery stores in Pakistan will offer to call your customers to answer any questions that you may have.

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Learn these modern four attested ways of celebrations with flowers

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What is the prettiest thing in this world? What is so beautiful that it will look charming while between the mud? Which are the most natural things on planet Earth that are pure and pious? These are some common questions and doubts. So let me talk to you, my friend, there is nothing beautiful more than flowers. The best flowers in the world grow in gardens, not created artificially. So always choose the quality. Flowers may have some availability and other perks to have them in your home. They are so powerful, and their fragrance is so good. Flowers are the best gift to nature. Yes, it is a gift given by the divinity. Flowers are the best. They have the same life cycle as we humans do. The best thing about the flowers is their bulb. The bulb is the mini version. Herbs are also an alternative to flowers, but they are used in curing some specific diseases. The stem of the peaks known as the body and the roots of a flower is their heart. Without both of them, there would be no match for flowers when it comes to their beauty. 

So we are here to generate our mind and to gain more knowledge over flowers. So before further, we do, I need you, people, to check out our online flower delivery in Mumbai webpage. We are providing more than a hundred varieties of flowers along with many gifts. So always choose the best for yourself. Also, we have some seasonal flowers that are fully attested and useful in our modern life. So please read this blog till the last and keep enjoying it with us. Now without wasting more time, let us roll the intro and started learning those four awesome ideas of flowers;


Shall it need to elaborate roses? Ofcourse, everyone is aware of this rose. Habitually, we use roses to purpose someone or to show our respect, love, and trust to our partner. Roses are the symbol of care, faith, and humanity. It denotes romance and true love. Some alternates of rose flowers like a pink rose, white rose, and even black roses too. We have seen the decorations of roses in several places like special occasions, anniversaries, and weddings. It is made to celebrate love life and happiness; that’s why their uses are specific. 


We have got to see that few females are very fond of bulbs and pink colors too. Pink is the color that attracts the most. So in such a way, Carnation flowers are the best for ornaments. Their petals are pink and shaded with white in between them. They always look pretty in their set. Banglore is the best place where most of the flowers have been used, so our website has gone through there. So get now online flower delivery in Bangalore by using our databases. In such a way, the carnation can be better than ever for your celebrations to get it quickly by using our website.


Everything in this world has mystery. Some dark secrets that are hidden from the reach of individuals. And some people love to create suspense. For both of the purposes, the Hydrangea is standing the best. They have an attractive light blue color, and I can assure you that installing outside them for your home will make you mysterious, and people will get confused about you. Hydrangea is a particular flower that is born from the core of Earth. They are also an herb that is very useful to clean blood in our bodies. 

Lantana Camara;- 

Your search ends here if you are looking for mixed-colored mini flowers for your card or title decoration. They are lying best on their own, and they have four color gradients to work with. As they are mini, they will decor your cards for a long time and give you extra charm and respect. They aesthetically lie best for the creation of cards. Go and surf it now by clicking on the links and order online flowers because our site has the fastest delivery with compatible time. Order them and make your outstanding one superior. 

So these were four perfect flowers that you can use in your regular life routine. Please choose the best from them according to your need and choice. Also, don’t forget to take a tour of our webpage. Thanks for staying with us.

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Gender age divided into new bullying study

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Gender Age Divided Into New Bullying Study

In recent years, in the world’s many parts, bullying has attracted the educator’s attention and also the attention of policymakers, so it is a behavioural phenomenon. In 2005, Fante said, the bullying is not just behavioural but also a situation that by physical abuse or deliberate verbal is characterized by students one or more than one, or they against peers that also one or more. This phenomenon is just like the violence that is growing fastly in this world.

What are the effects of bullying in the Education sector?

Now, bullying is present in many countries. It affected many education sectors in several countries. The students being victims of the bullying weekly maybe not a good thing. Bullying affected the overall performance of the students in study, so it is a very important issue. Bullying not only affects the learning skills of students but also their future because the future of students is based on their education. Furthermore, bullying is a problem for the education sector.

According to research data, how many students involved and became victims of bullying?

Though researches the data was also conducted in 2013 by Joaquim Nabuco Foundation, according to this data, in a public school of Recife, in 6th gad total 4191 students were present, students about 36.41% said that they suffered bullying and they agree with the fact, but students about 40.71% said that maybe they suffered bullying. It was reported that, in the middle school of America, 6th-year students about 30% frequent or moderate in bullying involvement. In 2011, a survey was suggested that students more than 300,000 in developing and developed 48 countries, and it reported that about 50% of students in school experienced bullying, and it also reported that the students who weekly become the victim of bullying about 33%. In several countries, either poor or rich, bullying is a problem for them.

How types of Students being victimized by bullying?

New research by cheap essay writing service showed that the students have chances of being victimized that linked to emotional resilience, and those students who suffer from harassment have low resilience.

Researchers at Greece University of Thessaly, Australia, and Finders University founded that the students that display emotional resilience lower are mostly female students along with old students. How students bounce back quickly from bullying like emotional difficulties is thought by strength, it also beware the students from harmful effects of bullying harassment and victimization, and also allowed the students to recover from bullying effects.

So, the students, either you youngers or boys, that have a high level of resilience, have fewer chances to bully others.

There is trouble for older students and female students from these results; they have less resilience have high chances of being victimized; from bullying scenarios, they also suffer from lower emotional damage.

Researchers Dr. Grace Skrzpiec, with his visiting research fellow Dr. Eleni Didaskalou of Flinders University said that from bullying, the bullied adolescents for protecting themselves might develop various ways, these showed by results, or these depend on their gender or age.

Lead author from the University of Thessaly, Dr. Eleni Andreous said that the students are part of a project of transitional research, and from grades 6-20, students 558 are involved.

Dr. Skrzypiec also were given the students a questionnaire about their experience of resilience and victimization.

The boys and girls experience likely the various types of harassment, so the study also found that to become a victim from bullying does not depend on year level, gender, or the age of students. However, every type of students with different age, gender, and year level will become the victim of bullying.

Researchers also said that, like spreading rumors, girls mostly experience the bullying likely underhanded, but among boys, it common the verbal and physical aggression.

According to recent evidence, it showed that girls usually become the victim of bullying mostly at parties by their close friends, while the boys become victims of bullying more than girls.

There is a need for policymakers and schools, support the students and informed them about their gender and age, and help them in a manner to protect themselves from being a victim of bullying, and also stop the students that bullied the other students.

Is resilience helped the victimized students to better their study performance?

For student’s well-being, resilience plays a powerful role in the outcomes of students in social and academic.

Dr. Skrzypiec, co-director of (SWAPv) Students Wellbeing and Prevention of Violence, said that the students that are being victimized, with an optimal well-being level, demonstrate more likely better academic skills, social behaviour, school attendance at a higher level and become less bullied to others.

What steps took by Schools against bullying?

In 2015 Brazil, during November, the government Federal established an initiative nationwide to Combat bullying, it is called Systematic Program. The aims of federal law to combat bullying in schools and throughout society. In 2014 Levitt and Dubner said, for the system in schools, like smaller classes, more testing, better curriculum, and so on, a trillion dollars were spent on these education projects around the world.

The economists thought that the students who have a higher level of education, it increases the growth of their income in the future, individually increase their income and made their life better. So, if those students that did not effectively learn in the schools, and enrollment of many schools had little influence on personal growth income of students. But, bullying affected the learning of the students, and the personal income growth of students in the future was also affected.

How will schools and policymakers overcome bullying?

The schools and policymakers overcome the bullying by, among students, they need to understand all potential factors that have influence the effects of bullying. To reduce the bullying negative effects in school, they should investigate the effects of social-emotional skills.

However, bullying is a problem in many schools in many countries. Students affected by bullying that also affect their study performance. There is a need to overcome the bullying effects in schools.

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How To Maximize Your Chances For Maximum Scholarship And Financial Aid In UG College Admissions

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Maximum Scholarships

In this era of advanced technology, one could simply get admission into a dream college if we desire so and work hard for it. For most of the students, the process is not so simple and uncomplicated.  The college expense is one of the factors which should be kept in mind. The best way to pay the college or school fees is to get awarded by the scholarships for UG college admissions. Students can apply for maximum scholarships from their high school. There are certain scholarships that you need to qualify in order to get Financial aid for the UG admissions. In this specific article of EduQuest, we are going to discuss the ways in which students can maximize their chances for maximum scholarships.

  1. Write Ethical Essays 

Imagine hundreds of students with the same test scores, interview ratings, same grade, and other extracurricular skills. Don’t be stressed out, but we are pointing something that can help a person to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Always try to write ethical and superior quality essays. Put all your efforts into it, it can boost up your score. In the essay, just convey your thoughts to the examiner. 

  1. Improve your GPA

The eligibility criteria for most of the scholarships are GPA scores. While not all scholarships require a lofty GPA but a high GPA can certainly increase your odds to gain scholarships. The lowest GPA score is required for the scholarships around 2.4 or more.  To get an increase in the GPA score student need to study and work hard to be awarded from maximum scholarships and financial aid for UG admissions.

  1. Increase ACT or SAT scores

Like GPA scholarships have a minimum requirement for SAT or ACT scores. Same as GPA, the higher the score, the higher the chances to get maximum scholarships and financial aid for UG admissions. Surveys suggest that in the second attempt scores usually rise in the SAT or ACT. You should attempt free online SAT or ACT preparation mock tests and SAT Coaching and ameliorate your score. 

  1. Be an early aspirant

Colleges usually admit a higher number of students in early action rounds. If you want college of your choice you should be an early bird in order to grow your chances to get admission. This type of pattern is mostly followed by the colleges and the stats are available online. 

  1. Engage in social services

Scholarships are also awarded to the students who participate in community services. Involving in the social service, you are not just investing your time for your community but also hoist their chances for resume building, maximum scholarships, and financial aid for UG admissions. 

  1. Utilize your time

Students need to invest their time in something else other than classwork and homework to improve grades. Spending plenty of hours in preparing for a solo standardized test is not a wise use of time. Create a list of priorities and also study for your tests. Grades are important but extracurricular activities also play a vital role in life. Investing time in all directions reduces stress and can improve your grades.

  1. Apply for more colleges 

Nowadays, everyone is applying for the same set of colleges because of the brand name created by them. But this does not mean that they are the only few colleges left, there are numerous colleges which are good for studies and other extra curriculums. Analyse the type of colleges which will provide financial aid for UG admissions.  Please do not assume the college with dear fees will provide better job opportunities.  If the expensive colleges are not fit then one must search for a college that provides maximum scholarships and financial aid for UG admissions.  

  1. Apply for scholarships even if do not qualify

It can be often seen students missing opportunities to get financial aid for UG admissions because they do not apply for it due to fear of failure or fear of not qualifying the exam.  They are forced to pay more because they did not get scholarships and financial aid for UG admissions. 

  1. Make utilization of your resources 

If your seniors, relatives, or even parents have gone through the same thing before, one must listen to their experience and it would be very helpful. Take advice from the counselor to get the best opportunities for financial aid for UG admissions. 

  1. Apply for FAFSA

FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid is now available for students who want financial support for higher studies. It should not be confused with the SCC profile which is also required by some colleges. Need to apply for FAFSA in order to get scholarships.  It measures the financial need for the student concern. This is the tranquil method to increases the odds of getting maximum scholarships and financial aid for UG admissions. Do research at the best colleges. Find colleges that provide more financial aid and great salaries after graduation. After research and scrutinizing, one must set aside its worries of paying huge fees in brand colleges for higher education, that is, graduation.

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