WordPress dominates a heavy range in the total number of websites

By on October 31, 2020
What is WordPress and 8 Benefits of Using WordPress

Many websites are running all over the internet and many of them are famous all over the world. Are you know that WordPress dominates one-third number of total websites in the world? Yes, it is true WordPress empowers about one-third of websites from the total number of running websites in the World. Only here users can download and install site builder and content management for free. For some years, WordPress is the most popular content management system because of its unique and easy to use features. Users can very easily handle all the features of WordPress without knowing too much technical knowledge. WordPress is a very simple way to create and run a website without cost. So, if you want to make a blog or small website with an impressive look then WordPress is the best choice for you. Here, you will easily customize your site and easily use all the features and plugins that you need to create a proper website.

Top 8 Benefits of using WordPress is really awesome

Here 8 reasons that are very beneficial if you choose WordPress. So, choose WordPress to set up and run your business or personal website.

1.      For changing needs, WordPress is Flexible and adaptable

WordPress is used for large Multinational Corporations to run complex sites, manage a small business, and create personal blogs. WordPress sites can contain a complete eCommerce store, portfolio, or host a social network group or podcast. WordPress offers the core package and a variety of basic and premium plugins that are suitable for your website and your website’s requirement will be complete if you choose WordPress. WordPress is adaptable to a company’s changing needs and every user will get a huge pack of themes and easy access to its source files. WordPress powers a wide range of websites and provides a huge platform to create a website with ease. WordPress is complete flexible, 100% customizable and adaptable as compared to other technologies.

2.      Easily use for beginners

If you choose WordPress then it is installed, set up, and run in just a few minutes. You did not need to know more technical knowledge because it is user friendly and a beginner will also use it without any hesitation. But you have to need a domain name and a WordPress hosting account because WordPress can be installed free with the help of your WordPress hosting. You will get all the features needed to customize a site’s heading, layout, and start creating pages and posts. You can use it from anywhere in the world and from any computer you have. You need nothing extra technologies or other special softwares  to operate. You have to just remeber the user and pass and login anywhere you want with just a internet connectivity.

3.      Multiple options of themes offering in WordPress

WordPress themes offer wide choices to users that help in the appearance and function of a new site. You will get a very large bundle or directory of the basic and premium of themes. You can use many themes directly through WordPress theme Directory but many of the themes can be purchased through design marketplaces and third-party designers from all over the world. All the themes that you want can be previewed live and install at any time. You can see the changes in layout and your WordPress website’s look.

4.      Plugins extend the functionality

Normally WordPress includes all the elements and services needed to create a basic website, but many users want to create a more specialized website with special functions. The WordPress plugin directory offers hundreds of plugins that allow users to create a more featuring website. You can add cart, galleries, contact forms, and many more compatible WordPress sites. Users can purchase many plugins from third-party and can be activated or deactivate as per your website needs.

5.      WordPress Sites can Rank Higher on search engines

WordPress site can easily rank higher on search engines because it gives a tool name as Searchability. WordPress sites can be rank higher because of their Keywords, regular updates and variety of tools and plugins use for optimizing content for search engine optimization.

6.      WordPress Websites are Mobile responsive and attractive

If your website is mobile responsive then it will affect your rank on search engines. Your website needs to look good and attractive on any device. WordPress offers many themes that responsive to any devices and users can make the website responsive with plugins for making their website mobile responsive.

7.      A “Built-In” Blog offered by WordPress

WordPress has many features that make publishing very easy and this is the reason for WordPress is a content management system software. You will get a Built-in blog that you can access from any device at any time. This will help you to add a blog at any time without creating a separate.  

8.      The Support system of WordPress

As you know that WordPress is free and open-source then its community is responsible for making changes and keeping WordPress updated and secure. So, if you ever need technicians then you can mail it or go to WordPress’s official website and contact it for solving your issue. All the benefits of WordPress are listed above. If you want to create a WordPress website then all of the above-listed benefits are helpful for you. So, start blogging with WordPress without spending any cost. You start your wordpress blog on the official site of wordpress, or you can buy your own wordpress hosting if you have knowledge of starting a hosting with domain. Generally, a cheap wordpres hosting offer works for you in just few bucks to start your personal website of small scale. You can also buy a VPS or dedicated hosting for Big platform websites like eCommerce website.  So, you can go with wordpress with blind eyes and the reasons discuss above support dominates a heavy range of websites in wordpress technology.

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Are Wedding Loans a Good Way to Manage Costs?

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Instant Wedding Loans

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event. Therefore, compromising on the same can haunt you for the rest of your life and make you feel bad. If you do not want to go through a similar situation, then try considering a wedding loan instead.

Using loans for wedding expenses can not only take away the burden from your shoulders but can also help you plan a grand event. In other words, you will not have to compromise on your festivities and wishes till the time you use a wedding loan.

In case you want to know about the benefits of using a wedding loan, then here is a list that you must check out.

1. Destination Weddings

You might think that wedding loans can only be used within the country. However, with the help of a personal wedding loan, you will be able to plan a destination event easily. Hence, if you have always thought about getting married abroad, then your dreams can come true with the help of this service. Besides, there are no destination limitations whatsoever when it comes to this particular financing option.

2. Small Expenses

We all know there are many big expenses that you need to deal with during a wedding. But, what is often forgotten is about the small expenses that add to your wedding budget significantly. These small expenses can be anything like booking cabs or last moment food preparations. If you want to stay ready for emergency marriage expenses, then borrowing a wedding loan is the right way to go.

3. Nominal Interest

The next thing that can make a wedding loan beneficial is the interest rate. Wedding loan interest rate is flexible. Therefore, it will not be difficult for you to shop around in the market for the best possible personal loan interest rates. Besides, the offered rate also depends on your credit rating and borrowing history.

4. Last Minute Funds

We all have a budget when it comes to a wedding. However, there are times when something might cost a little extra and you have to work towards gathering last minute funds. In such cases, you can always consider using a wedding loan. Since personal loans are easy to avail, you can receive the funds within 24 hours. Moreover, the amount is directly transferred to your account; hence, you will be able to use it immediately.

5. Online Application

While planning a wedding, nobody has the time to go back and forth to the financing agency. Therefore, you need an option which is conveniently available. Personal wedding loan is one such alternative. With the help of online application forms, you can apply for a loan instantly. Moreover, you can even know about wedding loan eligibility online before applying. Hence, you will not even have to step out of your own home to avail the service.

6. Loan Amount

Lastly, whether you are planning a budget wedding or a large one, this financing service can help you always. Wedding loan amount limitation is quite extensive. Thus, even if you want a grand event, you can generate funds for it easily. Besides, the amount of limitation completely depends on your income, which makes the entire thing even easier.

Bajaj Finserv can give you financing options like personal loan, business loan, EMI credit, and more. With these services, you will also be able to find various pre-approved offers. Using these offers can result in a less time-consuming and hassle-free loan process. To view your pre-approved loan offers, you can start by giving basic personal information like name and contact number.

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Vivo’s Innovative Smartphones in the Mid-Range Market Segment

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Vivo Smart Phones

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo has solidified its place as the go-to mid-range smartphone brand for the masses. With every consecutive launch, Vivo smartphones seem to get more innovative with their design and the overall product package. What’s more, with a strong marketing strategy and careful online promotional campaign, the brand has gradually risen up the ranks in the Indian marketplace.

Vivo phones under 10000 INR rank among the industry’s top 5 budget devices that offer features and specifications that belong in mid-range phones. We’ll look at some of the top-selling smartphones that have taken innovation in the mobile marketplace to the next level.

# 1 Vivo S1 Pro

The S1 Pro takes the cake when it comes to innovation in the mid-range mobile marketplace. It offers all the great features of a top-end device at a fraction of a cost. The device is equipped with the Snapdragon 665 octa-core processor, mated to 8GB RAM. This is sufficient processing power even for the heaviest of multitasking workloads, gaming, and mobile rendering.

The screen is an impressive 6.38-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED display that produces crystal clear clarity and bright images. The touch display is snappy, and you won’t feel any lag while moving from one app to another. The most innovative aspect of the phone is the in-display fingerprint sensor and the whopping 32 megapixel selfie camera. For selfie fans, it doesn’t get better than this (at least for now).

# 2 Vivo V17 Pro

When it comes to breakthrough innovations, the Vivo V17 Pro grabs the honours. The device is fitted with two dual pop-up selfie cameras (hiding the camera notch). This innovation is a first of its kind, taking the total camera sensor count to a staggering 6! On to the other aspects of the phone.

The display is the impressive 6.44-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED FullView, with an aspect ratio of 20:9 and a 91.65% screen-to-body ratio. Overall, the phone feels far more high-end than its price tag suggests. Like its contemporaries, the phone offers 8GB RAM mated to an octa-core Snapdragon 675 processor. The phone performs well even under heavy load and can play games like COD with ease.

# 3 Vivo Y20

The Vivo Y20 is the most affordable smartphone in our line-up, but don’t be fooled by the humble price tag. The phone packs a punch when it comes to its performance. Like most other Vivo models, the company takes mobile innovation further by featuring a side-mounted fingerprint sensor (a first of its kind). The phone is powered by an octa-core Snapdragon 460 processor, and it is the only4GB RAM smartphone on this list.

# 4 Vivo X50 Pro

The X50 Pro is a high-budget smartphone which offers top of the line features. The X50 Pro specifications can rival flagship phones from other top mobile brands. This phone gets a 6.56-inch FHD+ E3 AMOLED display that sports an impressive 2376 x 1080 pixel resolution.

The display also features an aspect ratio of 19.8:9 and a 90 Hz refresh rate. Running the X50 Pro, the operations feel extremely snappy and you can move between apps in a jiffy. The phone is powered by the octa-core Snapdragon 765G SoC mated to 8GB RAM.

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What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Fixed Deposit?

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What are the fixed deposit advantages and disadvantages

As a newbie investor, you can question the age-old wisdom of having money in fixed deposits. Since generations, people have been trusting banks and post offices to fulfill their financial goals. Let us see the various advantages and disadvantages of fixed deposits to help you make an informed decision. 


  1. Safe and Secure:

A fixed deposit is a safe and secure mode of investment as it will give a steady growth to your savings in the long-run. As compared to other investment options like mutual funds or equity markets, FDs are not affected by market volatility. Guaranteed returns on the FDs, attract investors to invest in FDs. For example, Bajaj Finance FD is accredited with CRISIL’s FAAA/Stable rating and ICRA’s MAAA/Stable rating. These ratings indicate that the returns on your investment are guaranteed. 

  1. Flexibility of Tenor:

The tenor is flexible as per the financial goals of the investors. You can also open multiple fixed deposits to cater to his/her financial goals. The multi deposit facility from Bajaj Finance allows you to invest in multiple FDs with a single payment cheque. You can also look at Systematic Deposit Plans available with Bajaj Finance which allows you to invest in an FD with small monthly deposits starting at Rs. 5000 per month. 

  1. Quick Loan Facility:

FDs also act as collateral in availing instant loans. The investor is not required to break the FDs before the maturity period to fulfill his/her financial requirements. The loan amount depends on the principal amount and it differs across financial institutions.

With Bajaj Finance, investors can avail the loan up to 60% of the principal amount for non-cumulative fixed deposits and 75% of the principal amount for cumulative fixed deposits.

  1. Interest Pay-out Options:

Fixed Deposits provides an option to the investors to choose at what frequency interest is credited in the investors’ fixed deposit account. The frequency of periodic interest payment can be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or at the time of maturity. 


  1. Low Returns:

Fixed Deposit gives stable returns but not necessarily high as compared to other investment options like mutual funds or the equity market. The Fixed Deposit gives lower returns but the risk of losing capital is also low. Therefore, FDs are a popular investment option among investors having a low-risk appetite. 

In the current scenario returns from the stock market are subject to high volatility.  Therefore, it makes sense to allocate some portion of your portfolio in fixed deposits in order to hedge your portfolio against market risks. You can choose a high yielding company FD such as Bajaj Finance FD which offers one of the top FD rates in India up to 6.85%.

  1. Inflation and Purchasing Power:

Inflation in the economy is increasing and higher than the rate of interest investors receiving on the fixed deposits. The expected returns on your investment become less and fail to beat the inflation as compared to other financial investment methods like a mutual fund, etc. and ultimately purchasing power of the investor decreases.

  1. Liquidity concerns: 

An investor can avail of a loan against the FD during financial urgency, breaking the fixed deposit scheme before the maturity might cost the investor a little penalty charge. The investor may get a lower interest on the total investment in case of breaking the FD.

So, these were the advantages and disadvantages of investing in a fixed deposit scheme. It is evident that fixed deposits are the best mode of investment for investors as it gives assurance of stable returns. Fixed Deposits are ideal for senior citizens as they can earn an additional interest rate benefit of 0.25% if they invest in Bajaj Finance FD.

Author Bio:Gaurav Khanna is an experienced financial advisor, digital marketer, and writer who is well known for his ability to predict market trends. Check out his blog at Highlight Story.

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Choosing Different Flooring options for Commercial Buildings

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Choosing Different Flooring options for Commercial Buildings

Whether you are discussing about commercial buildings, the flooring installed in different sectors has a vital part for efficient running of any kind of business. Different flooring options such as laminate, wood, vinyl and carpet are a suitable option for certain areas in a commercial sector, but for other locations, it can be quite disastrous due to high maintenance.  

If you are looking for more information about the laminate, carpet, wood and vinyl options for the commercial sectors, then contact commercial carpet flooring specialists in London and choose the right option for your need.

·         Education sector –

Most flooring options are meant for education sector and it will depend on the requirement of the school. Since carpet is believed to be a popular choice for the classrooms, you will just require a hoover to eliminate trapped dust particles and allergens occasionally. Besides, carpet can avoid slip and fall accidents since it is a soft and non-slippery material. Hence, they are a safe school flooring option for the education sector.  

·         Healthcare sector –

You will find laminate and vinyl flooring options for the healthcare sector across the UK. The healthcare sector is usually extremely strict one when it is about the flooring. Hospitals and doctors can work in clean and sterile flooring only in order to prevent spreading further diseases. Since laminate and vinyl floors are non-absorbent, they will not be able to harbour possible germs from patients as they are very easy to maintain. 

·         Hospitality sector –

There are different types of flooring options found in the commercial sectors such as – hotels, cafes and restaurants. The right flooring option depends on the area you want to renovate. In case of hotel corridors, carpet is a great choice as they are soundproof and will definitely be appreciated by the guests. For commercial kitchens or restaurants, vinyl flooring is an ideal option as these areas experience high traffic 

·         Leisure sector –

Wood flooring is the right choice for luxury within the flooring industry. It is long-lasting and will transform the atmosphere or tone of any environment for high-end. Wood flooring for the leisure sector is just the perfect one for spa environments as it can impress the guests due to its durability and can warp from heat exposure or water. 

·         Office sector –

Carpet is a popular flooring option in the office sector as it is budget friendly for the businesses that improve the working environment without much effort. Whether you want a flooring replacement for an open office or boardroom, carpet can be the best option for an office environment. It can control noise and has insulation properties to create a professional environment for any company in the office sector. 

·         Retail sector –

Choosing a hard flooring solution of laminate or white rock floor for the retail sector is a good option. The retail sector has to pass through lots of daily foot traffic from the shoppers and spillages from food and drinks that people might drop accidentally. Thus, a durable flooring option is essential for the retail sector and so, the experts can suggest about different flooring options that are available for retail business.

Thus, you may hire commercial carpet flooring specialists who will help to select the right option for different kinds of commercial buildings and fulfill your exact purpose.

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